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Locating the Best Tailor in the City of Bangkok, Thailand Suit is a term used by the people that refer to the set of garments, which may consist of a jacket, trousers or breeches, neckties, and waistcoats, that are made from the same kind of cloth or fabric, and this certain kind of clothing is typically made or designed for men, but can also be worn by women. Suits can be from various materials, such as silk, cotton, variety of fabrics, linen, polyester, and wool, and the various kinds of suits include the dinner suit, the morning suit, and the business suit, which can also be called as the lounge suit. Suits can convey or carry a professional, respectable and honorable impression or image to the wearer, and they are commonly worn by the people for business events, social events, formal meetings, business-related or work-related meetings, and formal occasions. Tailor is the term used by the society in referring to a professional, who is recognized as a skilled craftsman who specializes in the repair, alteration, and creation or production of any clothing, such as suits. The various duties, functions and services of professional tailors include altering the clothing items to ensure that they can fit better and comfortably to the client, using a bookkeeping software and handling client transaction professionally; designing and making new clothing; measuring, adjusting and marking hems and seams to make it ready for the alteration process; and sewing the garments from scratch with the use of a thread and needle or with a sewing machine. The individuals who wants to work as a professional tailor needs to undergone and accomplish different requirements, like taking up a college course which may range from beginner, advanced and intermediate course in fashion design and sewing; choosing a better workplace or working environment; developing strong social or communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills; finishing his high school or secondary level of education and earn a diploma, since most of the schools offers various classes that are related to tailoring, such as industrial power sewing, hand sewing, and fashion design; and working as an apprentice and completing the specified number of work hours. Most of the successful tailors are putting up their own tailor stores, which others may be self-employed or can be found working in clothing or tailor shops, department stores, cleaning and laundry services, and apparel manufacturing companies. The people who wants to find the best tailor shops in Bangkok, which is the capital and the most populous city in the country of Thailand, can find or locate them through the use of the internet, newspaper ads, or through the word of mouth and recommendations of the locals.

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