Mom Tip DIY- Upcycle All Those Outgrown Pants into Shorts!

While cleaning out Abby and Wyndham’s closet and dresser drawers last week, I came across quite across the inevitable: quite a few pairs of pants that just weren’t going to make it into the seasons coming up.My little ones have grown like weeds over the summer. It was time to make some room for the cute new threads I had stocked up on for them (all on sale and or/thrifted), for the long fall and winter ahead. However,baby shoes, a couple of pairs made it to the side for keeps,instead of the donate pile.Why?AdvertisementBecause I was inspired by my own cut-off jean shorts that I have coveted (as in worn to death), so much this summer. I had visions of much of the same for Abby and Wyndham during these last sweet dregs of summer and the warmer fall we usually experience here in the north.I thought of all the ways Abby could wear cut-offs with leotards and tights with boots or moccasins,baby feeding, well into the winter.How I Did It:Step One: I simply cut a couple of pairs of jeans to the length I wanted and went at them a bit with the scissors and a quilters blade. Several washes later and they were nicely tattered and worn in spots with some nice fringing on the hems, all ready for the finishing touches!Step Two: You can either leave the hems as is, roll them up (as seen on Abby), or hem them (as seen on Wyndham).Step Three Tip: You could also do this with baggier pants for little girls, enlisting an elastic sewn into the hem to create a bubble short effect. This would look absolutely darling paired with tights or leotards for the fall! Perhaps I’ll get on making a step-by-step tutorial for that one soon.Are you a thrifty mama? How do stretch out the life of your little ones’ clothes? I’d love to hear some new ideas!