Viking Hairstyles: Understanding Different Types and How to Wear Them.

They may have existed for the last million years ago, but Vikings were far much ahead when it came to their hairstyle. Viking hairstyles were characterised by masculine ponytails and braids, disconnected undercuts and epic braids. And they have not lost that vibe up to date. After all, there is no man who doesn’t like a hairstyle that appears insanely badass and stylish at the same time.

However, it is worth noting that these vibrant and daring styles are not for the men who are faint hearted. But if you have the right attitude and determination, then you are reading the right page. Here we will show you all the fiercest Viking hairstyles which are some of the men’s haircuts trending nowadays.

 Viking Hairstyles

  1. Temple shave.

Viking haircuts are normally characterised by elongated, thick hair at the top, shaved sides and long hair at the back. The outcome of this combo is charming and zeal-filled style that is ideal for badass guys. To wear this style, you need to choose modern updates. Opting for a temp shave can be a great way to get the same edgy look as natural Viking hairstyles while keeping the modern appearance.

  1. Shaved head and beards.

Some Viking haircuts don’t need long hair that can be combed, wrapped into a bun or braided. This shaved head is one of such Viking styles. It is a look that exudes a sense of personality. To wear this style, consider adding long beards and let them grow to their maximum.

  1. Braided part.

If you want to take your Viking hairstyle to the next level in 2019, then you should consider this braided part style. The haircut is ideal for modern guys who are looking for an edgy warrior appearance without necessary incorporating the rugged-around-edges finish. This style complements really well with undercut style and can be brushed on top in a variety of ways such as into a pompadour style.

  1. Loose braid.

If you have long hair, you are in a good position to rock the loose Viking styles. In case you had already shaved your hair, you may consider growing it for some time to rock this look. Don’t be hesitant if you have never tried it out before. The entire styling process is pretty simple and even if you will not get perfect results at first, you will still rock.

  1. Mohawk.

Punks and Mohawks have many similar characteristics that you can imagine. The two groups shared the Mohawk style. Though they might have worn this style differently, the cut was the same.

It incorporated shaved sides with visible elongated strip of tresses cascading to the middle of the head all the way from the front hairline to the back. Nowadays, the hairdo is still the best option for guys and top style to try of you are able to take care of its intensity.

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