Everyone Knows You’re Buying Likes on Instagram, So Stop It

I’m calling you out. You thought you could slide past us with all those Instagram likes that you bought and paid for less than a meal at McDonald’s. The sad truth is: you probably thought you’d be able to get away with it. Everyone knows what it looks like when you buy Instagram likes so why did you ever delude yourself into thinking that you could get away with it? You know what happens when you decide to be carefree and buy cheap likes on Instagram — you look cheap and like you don’t care. Here are a few reasons why it’s easy to spot a fake on Instagram:

You Get A Bunch of Likes… Until You Don’t

This might seem like nonsense, but it’s closer to the truth than the paid-for-adoration that scammers think they’re being slick with. Let me break it to you this way. If your post gets 500 or 1,000 likes within a few minutes of being posted and you’re not Taylor Swift, then I’m already tracking your movements. Then, 24 hours later that same post has capped off at some round number like 1,350 or 1,500 likes — I’ve got your number. Anyone who has worked tirelessly to build their social profiles over years of hard work knows that these kind of engagements are bought. I don’t want to liken anyone to someone who pays for the affection of another person, but that’s how it’s coming off.

Your Account Grows Too Quickly

Did you know that Instagram caps your growth if they suspect that your account is acting in a fraudulent manner? It’s true. In fact, it is so easy to plot the growth trajectory that an account should take, SocialBlade made an entire business around it. I am willing to be the bigger man and admit that it’s not unheard of for someone to gain a thousand followers in a day, but if you’re doing that too quickly then it’s obvious that you’ve decided to buy Instagram likes or followers. There is such thing as a hashtag jackpot, but it’s not possible to win it everyday of the week.

Your Reputation Takes a Dive

If you’ve falsified your likes and followers then it is impossible to give any company or person their return on investment. Sure, you might be able to squeak by for a month, two even, but eventually those parties are going to begin to realize that you’re a fraud. It’s a terrible expression, but the cream does always rise to the top. Those whom have put in the arduous hours of hard work building their profiles will never stay beneath someone who cheats. Eventually, the algorithm will, too, come for you.

At the end of the day, it’s just not worth it to buy Instagram likes or follows. These social media networks spend hundreds of thousands of dollars combatting blackhat practices like these every year. Do you really expect to beat the genius programmers over at Instagram when you can’t even figure out how to use their software effectively? Get real. Go organic, it’s the only way to truly build an account that matters.